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“Most Unexpected is the perfect name for my album. Cause every move I make is completely unexpected.”

Atlanta is the center of the southern rap universe and due to the renaissance that has taken place, it has become harder for newcomers to get a toehold. It’s a cutthroat business that quickly separates the would-be rappers from the will-be artists.

Yung Ralph has already made a name for himself on the back of his wildly successful single, “Look Like Money.” A motivating track with a catchy hook and chorus, “Look Like Money” is not only a club banger but also a popular ring tone that is quickly becoming more than just a regional hit.

But don’t think Yung Ralph’s story will begin or end with “Look Like Money.”

“That’s the main thing I have to get across in this bio,” says Yung Ralph. “It’s about more than one hit single. “Look Like Money” is a great song for me and I appreciate all of the doors it’s been able to open. But I have much more to offer ... Read full biography
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