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In order to be awarded the Heisman Trophy, an exceptional college football player headed for the pros must accumulate the top votes from sports writers. The esteemed annual honor established in 1935 has named the likes of Herschel Walker, Bo Jackson, and O.J. Simpson.

To receive the Ghetto Heisman, however, a veteran hip-hop artist on the cusp of superstardom must receive unanimous praise on the street for his consistency, rap skills, and ability to accurately represent the neighborhood.

In 2002, Los Angeles-bred WC, who appropriately titles his sophomore solo album Ghetto Heisman, takes home the prestigious honor.

"I feel like I always been playing with pros, playing in a pro league, but I never received my props as a pro," WC says, explaining the album title. "Throughout the hardships, grit and grind in the midst of this game, I have been molded to become the professional."

WC's professional days date back to his 1989 Priority Records debut with ... Read full biography
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