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How does an aspiring young deejay win the backing of one of the South’s most revered and influential hip hop kingpins? That’s a question lots of folks are asking these days as Unk makes his way to the stage, courtesy of Atlanta’s legendary rap impresario Big Oomp.

The 24-year-old former deejay caught the attention of Big Oomp (the man known for his ability to break underground rap acts, among them Baby D), about six years ago. Oomp says he was as impressed by Unk’s drive as he was by his talent. “It was his work ethic,” lends Oomp. “He was determined and he wanted to rap and he was determined he was gonna make it. He started out as a deejay and he just started writing raps to go on the mixtapes. He was so dedicated in making sure he made it on the mixtapes I was like ‘this joker here gon’ be alright’.”

And it looks like Big Oomp’s prediction is on the money. Unk’s debut CD, Beatin’ Down Yo Block (Big Oomp Records / KOCH Records), featuring the blazing, high-energy ... Read full biography
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Beat'n Down Yo Block
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