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He's the man Ludacris, P. Diddy, Timbaland, and Three 6 Mafia call when they need someone to take their records over the top. He's the MC whose style has been imitated by scores of rappers. He's the underground legend ready to return to the game he helped revolutionize.

That's right, Twista is back, and after years of making hits for other artists, the Chicago pioneer is about to release his most important album--the highly anticipated Kamikaze.

With 1997's Adrenaline Rush Twista showed how the rapid-fire flow was supposed to go. Now, with Kamikaze, he shows what it is like when he elevates his own style.

Kamikaze represents two things," Twista explains. "On a surface level, I was like, 'What could I come with after Adrenaline Rush? What's the ultimate adrenaline rush? It's going kamikaze. On another level, I feel like I'm going into the game kamikaze. We know its f--ked up, but we've got to get a certain goal and we're trying to achieve it." ... Read full biography
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