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Songs about keeping it real, staying true to the game, and opting to ride or die always seem to find themselves laced throughout a rapper’s lyrics to prove his or her value and credibility. So much so it’s gotten harder and harder to tell who’s who and what’s what. The alternative you may ask--keeping it trill. At least that’s what Atlanta’s own Trillville believes. Instead of “keeping it real,” Don P., Dirty Mouth, and Lil LA, aka Lil Atlanta, “keep it trill:” a culmination of what’s truth and what’s real.
“Trillville started because everybody else was being real so we decided to be three times as real,” which is trill, says Don P. That’s all fine and dandy, but where is Trillville? “Trillville is any city, any hood, [and] any state that’s trill about representin’,” he continues. As a matter of fact, Trillville kept things so persistently trill, they convinced BME Recordings, Atlanta’s premier indie label, owned by and responsible for the success of artists such as Lil John & The ... Read full biography
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