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Perhaps it’s the way he keeps backsides bouncing with energetic, club-jumping anthems like “Shut Up” and “Take It to Da House.” Or maybe it’s his foul-mouthed, triple-X antics on such hood hits like “Na’an N****” and last year’s candy-licking summer single, “Sugar (Gimme Some).” Or it could be the way his deep, soul-drenched baritone unapologetically reveals honest, first-hand accounts of life inside the ugly underbelly of America’s inner cities on heart-wrenching prophecies like “America” and “Thug Holiday.”

Whatever the reason behind the remarkable success of his six-album solo career, Trick Daddy has become one of the most diverse and recognizable voices in hip-hop today. Not only has Trick been able to appeal to the mainstream masses who have given him a handful of platinum albums, but he has also kept his grassroots fan base satisfied with true-to-life lyrics and trunk-rattling beats.

Now, after a decade of on-the-scene reporting from the mean streets of ... Read full biography
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Back by Thug Demand
Trick Daddy
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