Too Short
Too $hort
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Too Short - Get in Where You Fit In Song Lyrics
Artist Too Short
Album Get in Where You Fit In
Released October 26, 1993
Label Jive
Song Get in Where You Fit In
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What happened to that other rapper y'all used to fuck with?

Man, we ain't fucking with that fake motherfucker MC Uh, Whatever
that motherfucker name is, man we got a real crew, we got
motherfuckers over here rapping for real, eat pussy on records and
shit, that shit ain't what's happening, we got some real shit
Trying to be like $hort motherfucker, you know what I'm saying?
Dangerous Music got some mack shit for your ass, boy
Fuck him up, $hort

[Too $hort]
Get in where you fit in, fool
You was a mark up at the high school
Now you're hardcore like CB4
Biting, what you wanna be me for?
It's your life, you wish it was a Too $hort rap
But you gots no game, and your bass ain't fat
You need to quit, rapping just ain't your place
So back on the grind and don't catch no case
Bitches, that's what you always be
Like the other young bitches that try to get with me
I run all up in it but this ain't no race
I pull it out and shoot it right in her face
You probably wine her and dine her
And get jealous when you can't find her
You're nothing but a mark
I bet you get your ass kicked hanging at the park, bitch!
You'd better watch your back
Before you get jacked by a nigga with a gat
Cause Life is Too $hort, I'm In the House like that
Shorty the Pimp, was Born to Mack
And I don't stop rapping, one thing I never do
Is stop making this funky-ass shit to ride to
And other rap crews can see
Dangerous Crew got the funky beats
And when I see ya, and act like I don't know ya
I'm like Missouri, cause I can show ya
Why is my shit so funky it stanks?
Pee Wee, Shorty B, and Ant Banks
You outta pocket trying to hang with my crew
You might of just learned, but it ain't nothing new
What happened to your funk, did you lose it?
Or did you get juked by Dangerous Music?
We stole all your money, and all your songs
Done you like a hoe and then sent your ass home
One punk came and went
Had to fire the hoe, but I'm still a pimp
(MC) Lawrence (The fake gangsta)
Would've never been shit without the Bad-Ass Banksta (The little punk)
Now he's gonna play on out (Like a mark)
Had to put his fat foot in his mouth (Little bitch)
Quick to say "I'm sorry" when you're funny
Y'all can have him, cause Dangerous don't want him
He'll tell a lie almost every other minute
I'm like Bennett, I ain't in it
Go on with your reject rap attack
You'll get more from a prize in a Cracker Jack
And since Banks said he can't have no more funk (Hell naw)
Get in where you fit in, punk
It's what life is all about...

Did that get him, did that get it? (Yeah, you got him)
Wait, it's the end? (Bitch-ass nigga)
You like that shit? (Hell yeah) Damn, you like that, nigga!
You a fool (Tore his ass up!) Banks you a fool for that!
(Fuck that nigga) (Goddamn!)

Man, fuck that punk-ass nigga, man trying to fuck with the Dangerous
Crew, nigga, you can't hang with this shit, nigga, we got niggas
way tighter than you man,you old wanna be me asshole nigga, come with
some real niggas from East Oakland, nigga

[Rappin' Ron]
I'm a Bad-N-Fluenz, so keep your fucking kids away from me
Cause the motherfucking turf is the place to be
Where hella niggas get shot at
So you'd better pop back, or your ass getting dropped, black
Cause niggas lay you on your back fast
So you'd better grab a gat and pop a cap in they black ass
And let loose the whole clip
And let these motherfuckers know that you ain't taking no shit
I mean you gotta be a nut, fool
And you can't give a fuck, you can cut nigga, fuck school
Because that shit don't even last long
Get a key from an OG and get your fucking cash on
And if a nigga got some grip, get your gank on
But if a nigga popping lip, get your bank on
Don't ever go out like another sucker
You gotta show everybody that you the baddest motherfucker
Show them niggas you the biggest boss
And ain't no slipping stopping the tripping just popping
a clip and breaking them niggas off
Cause see life ain't
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