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Born and raised in Oakland, the hustle mentality was engrained in him from an early age. The Bay Area not only helped to shape him as an artist, but as a man. Even still, he's quick to point out that his sound remains distinctively "Anywhere, USA."

"The Bay taught me hustle and hunger," he maintains. "It humbled me as a person. It taught me that I better get off my a$$ if I wanna be successful. There are a lot of opportunities out here, but you can get caught up quick."

Refusing to fall victim to the sometimes enticing street life that has claimed so many, Tony remained focused on his music, working multiple 9-5's to make ends meet. His life experiences have prepared him for the cutthroat tactics of the music industry, and he values the lessons that he's learned thus far.

"I've been through a lot of bullsh!t," he states matter-of-factly. "I should've jumped off the bridge a long time ago, but I'm still here, I'm still standing, I'm still fighting, I'm still going."

It's that tenacity that will propel him in the industry. His debut release, The Vic(s)tory Album is a stirring collection of street-wise anthems, club ditties, and of course stories about everyday life. Armed with production from heavy-hitters, Kevin Choice (Goapele, Michael Franti, Blackalicious, Spearhead) and Mike Tiger (Dead Prez, Goapele, The Coupe), the album should garner him the attention he's been seeking since he wrote his first rhyme at 11 years old.

"My sound is melodic, something someone can do anything to.", he thoughtfully surmises. "[You can]" make love [to it], ride to church, discipline the kids, cook, and wake up on Saturday morning and clean house to it."

Dissatisfied with the way things have been going as of late, he's determined to help craft a new direction for the genre that has come to dominate the pop culture and world. Tired of the business of music overpowering the music itself, he's intent on steering the game back to its glory days.

"I hate where music is right now," he says adamantly. "It's too caught up in marketing that one club hit or that one single to generate dollars. Not many people do it for the love of the art."

That said, don't look for his album to be full of filler songs or shallow lyrics. While he readily admits that he likes to party and has songs that reflect that, he's trying to bring depth back to music. Listing a diverse roster of musicians including DJ Quik, Stevie Wonder, Slick Rick, Tupac, E-40, Kanye West and Lauryn Hill as his primary influences, it's clear that his sound cannot be limited to one particular area or style. He's trusting that will be what separates him from other rappers and ultimately what will make him a success.

"[The ultimate accomplishment in Hip-Hop for me would be] to be respected for being me," he says, "to have multi-platinum albums."

He pauses for a moment then continues, his eyes serious.

"You know. really my greatest accomplishment would be just to finally wake these cats up. I would love to position myself like Ice Cube and Will Smith…great businessmen."
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