Swollen Members
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Swollen Members have put in work. Mad Child began building a name for himself as a solo artist while living in San Francisco, and upon returning to his hometown of Vancouver, met Prevail, another MC who was rapidly making a reputation for himself in the west coast underground alongside his then rap partner, Moka Only. They saw each other's abilities, heard opportunity knocking and joined forces. Shortly after that point, Moka decided he wanted to go it alone and pursue his music as a solo artist. In 1996 Mad Child and Prev traveled to the B-Boy Summit in San Diego, where Mad Child battled and was initiated into the legendary Rock Steady Crew, hip hop's highest respected collective, making Swollen Members one of only three Rock Steady affiliated rap groups.

That year Swollen Members began recording their first tracks as a group. They also collaborated with other talented MCs, DJs, and producers who they had linked up and built friendships with. They received praise for the ... Read full biography
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Swollen Members
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