Silkk Tha Shocker
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Next to Master P (and maybe C-Murder), Silkk the Shocker (b. Vyshonn Miller) was the pre-eminent rapper on No Limit Records, the underground hip-hop label that became a sensation in the late '90s. Since he is the brother of Master P, the founder of the label, you'd expect nothing less, actually. As a member of Tru, as a guest rapper and as a solo artist, Silkk the Shocker appeared on most of No Limit's most successful records. His omnipresence says more about the way No Limit was run than it does about his skills. No Limit aggressively marketed each of their artists, so they appeared to be superstars before they ever released an album; Silkk was no different. A modestly gifted rapper, Silkk never wanted to break boundaries, only to work within the confines of gangsta rap, and that's exactly what he did, turning out a series of records that celebrated all the clich├ęs gangsta critics dismissed. Obviously, that's what his audience wanted, since his first two records went platinum without ... Read full biography
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