Ray Lavender
Over the years, Atlanta, Georgia has introduced its fair share of music superstars to the world. And with the introduction of Ray “Ray-L” Lavender tradition will undoubtedly continue. Coming to Atlanta by way of Monroe, Louisiana, Akon’s Kon Live Records and Geffen Records artist Ray “Ray-L” Lavender is poised to become one of music’s brightest young stars with his sensual yet hard-edged brand of R&B.

Growing up, 23-year old Ray admired a wide array of artist but it was R. Kelly who first truly inspired Ray to pursue his passion. “His tribulations sounded like my tribulations. He inspired me to write, sing, and become a hard working young man,” states Ray. This work ethic has stayed with Ray to this day and grows even stronger for he is equally passionate about songwriting as he is about singing.

It all started with businessman Andrew Bryant AKA “Drew” 10 years ago. Drew met the group Collabo that Ray sang lead for at a studio in Atlanta and was blown away. It ... Read full biography
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