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What do you know about Cleveland, Ohio? Maybe you know it as a symbol of urban pain and neglect, a city with a troubled history of race explosions, police and community tensions and damn near every ill in the inner city handbook. Or maybe you know Cleveland as the birthing ground of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony, the quick-rapping foursome who exploded in the mid-nineties and helped put the Midwest on the hip-hop playing field. Or maybe you don't think about Cleveland at all, it's just some city floating out there in the great American nowhere, a lost land between the East, West and South coasts. Well, whatever you think, or don't think, of Cleveland, twenty-five-year-old MC Ray Cash is here to give you an answer.

"I'm from the Eastside of Cleveland," Cash muses. "Grew up in this spot called 'The Hill,' directly across from the projects. I was a young cat, seeing everything that was going on. My mama would tell me, 'Don't take your ass across the street.' But I was a kid, you know, ... Read full biography
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