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When an artist is known for releasing classic album after classic album, the pressure can sometimes become overwhelming. But for Raekwon, maintaining this classic touch has become routine. By virtue of his contributions to landmark sets from Wu-Tang Clan and his solo platinum debut album, 1995's Only Built 4 Cuban Linx..., Lex Diamonds consistently establishes the mark others aim for.

With such a remarkable resume, it should come as little surprise that Immobilarity, (executive produced by Power), is Rae's second solo dish on Loud Records, stands as the most dynamic hip-hop record ever released. Handling a variety of esoteric styles, the intricate tales of intrigue and thrilling, suspenseful plotlines that are his signature, Raekwon achieves what heretofore seemed impossible--taking his craft to higher ground.

The Immobilarity title deals with the trials and tribulations synonymous with Staten Island's favorite son and comes from one of life's truisms: a brother ... Read full biography
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