Project Pat
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One of Three 6 Mafia's original affiliate members and brother to group founder Juicy "J", Project Pat first appeared on various albums before getting his own solo album, Ghetty Green, in 1999. Released with major label distribution via Three 6 Mafia's deal with Relativity, Ghetty Green found a substantial audience and also benefited from a high-profile roster of guest appearances comprised of Three 6 Mafia members as well as the Cash Money camp. Project Pat returned in 2000 with his follow-up album, Murderers and Robbers; unfortunately, this album didn't get major label backing, being released by Project Records. As a result, it wasn't nearly as well-crafted, didn't feature the same superstar guest roster, got shoddy distribution, and was met by an indifferent audience. Mista Don't Play: Everthangs Workin' was issued in early 2001. The album was an indie success, but again failed to break him into the mainstream. The increasingly Master P-esque role he began to play in his clique of musicians was emphasized on that album, and also on Layin Da Smack Down, his next release. ~ Jason Birchmeier, All Music Guide
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