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When former Ruffhouse Records leader Chris Schwartz launched his RuffNation Records in 1999, the first release he put out on RuffNation's Ruff Life label was by the Outsidaz-a hardcore rap outfit from northern New Jersey that should not be confused with either the Cleveland pop-rock band the Outsiders (who were best known for their 1966 hit "Time Won't Let Me") or the 1960s Dutch rock band the Outsiders. The Outsidaz's first Ruff Life single, "The Rah Rah," was released in December 1999, followed by its seven-song EP Night Life in January 2000. But the origins of the group (whose members include Young Zee, Pace Won, Slang Ton, Yah Yah, Axe, D.U., Az-Izz, NawShis, DJ Spunk and Denz) actually go back to the early 1990s. At first, Young Zee and Pace were rival MCs-Pace had a group called PNS, while Zee headed the group Skitzo. When PNS and Skitzo had a length microphone battle in Newark, NJ in 1991, Zee and Pace felt that neither group won the competition-it was a tie-and decided to ... Read full biography
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