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Most music fans are familiar with Notch as the lead singer of Born Jamericans, the popular duo that seamlessly fused reggae, R&B and hip hop. The Jamericans’ classic 1994 debut album “Kids From Foreign” and their sophomore effort “Yardcore”, featuring Notch’s silky smooth vocals complemented by partner Edley Shine’s rough edged reggae raps, brought Caribbean musical influences to American sensibilities, which reflected their backgrounds as second generation Jamaicans raised in the United States.

When the duo disbanded in 1998, Notch delved further into his multiethnic heritage and began highlighting his Latin roots within his music. Born Norman Howell to a Jamaican father who is part Cuban and a Black American-Puerto Rican mother, Notch learned Jamaican patois from his father and Spanish from his Cuban grandfather while on his mother’s side of the family, he was exposed to “the Puerto Rican way of speaking Spanish” as well as the latest African American slang. ... Read full biography
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