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Very few people are able to do what the rapper known as Minus can do, and even fewer are willing to take the risks he has taken to be where he is today. Growing up Manuel has been a student of hip-hop. Even when he first arrived to the big apple in 1989, not knowing any English, he recalls banging on the lunchroom table to make himself a beat, how the other kids would gather up around him to hear him rap… in Spanish! Even with a language barrier, Minus was already causing a buzz in the streets of Harlem. Ever since he has been pursuing his passion.
After a few mishaps and empty promises from friends in the music industry, he realized that there are few things one can depend on in the entertainment world, and set out to accomplish his goals on his own. Known for his creativeness, there are few areas this artist has not touched upon. After cutting his loses, Manuel set out on a journey to create himself as an artist, and feels confident in the outcome.

The long road has been key in developing the final product you see here today. From writing his own lyrics, to producing his own beats, and even designing the cover for his album, Manuel has, as he stated on one of his tracks, develop into “a one man record label”. He even went as far as to press and release his own CD’s to give out just for name recognition. Walk around the streets of Washington Heights in Manhattan and you may still even see some of his posters.
As an artist Minus' music has been featured in major radio shows such as WBLS 107.5 FM During the Wendy William Time Slot, as well as college radio stations like 88.7 WRSU (A Rutgers University Station) numerous times, and continues to perform various venues in the Southern NJ Area while attending College. He is determined to make way in the music industry, often saying, “If I can’t get a record deal, I may just have to learn how to start a Record company and sign myself (As he laughs)”. He graduated in June of 2000 with an AAS in Electronics Engineering and quickly got a prominent job in his field. However, after many awards for his work ethics and 2 years in the working world, he has left his job to pursue his passion. Never leaving anything to fate, he is currently attending school to attain his Bachelor’s degree.
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