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Master P - Anything Goes Song Lyrics
Artist Master P
Album Good Side Bad Side
Released March 23, 2004
Label Koch
Song Anything Goes
Transcriber Z-Man Lyrics Correct
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Some of your friends take your kindness for weakness
Make a nigga wanna live like jews
I told y'all
I got a good side and a bad side
And this my bad side

[Verse 1]
I got beef with some niggaz that I know
Put one up in the chamber everybody hit the flo'
Me and Curren$y rise high
Cause we motherfucking thug niggaz
Used to fucking love niggaz
Now I gotta plug niggaz
And my wrong niggaz makin' tones to give that up
Plus we no limit boys ride from dawn to dusk
Blame it on my cousin I'm a thug nigga
Grew up in the projects rollin' with the drug dealers
Heard your toy fucking soldiers want to do me
Look I don't play this ain't no motherfucking movie
I see you give farse clorise when your doped up
Keep my name out cha mouth get cha bitch ass choked up
Mama told me keep ya enemies close
Put your trust in yourself cause your friends get you smoked
Man you niggaz ain't shit
You just hatin' on a thug nigga that's livin' ghetto rich

[Hook] (2x)
Too every ghetto nigga that I know
When you livin' that life know anything go

[Verse 2]
I got niggaz in the hood waiting on me to drop
I got niggaz in the pin nigga ready to riot
Screw C-P-3 and it's official
I got three hundred rug rats ready to get with you
Nigga years fuckin' later and I still got skrilla
My motherfucking kids sleep on ????
I got other nigga bitches whodie screamin' my name
And If you ain't with the army nigga turn in your chain
Make sure these motherfuckers heard
Everything I speak I mean every motherfucking word
I play with it and get poped
I go out of town and get money but I still run the block

[Hook] (2x)
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