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1993, 1994, 1995, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001…these are the years that 8 Ball and MJG have released albums. Pretty much consecutively. Undeniably consistently. Not many rappers can claim that they are about to release their 9th album in a decade, which makes 8 Ball and MJG’s forthcoming album, Living Legends (Bad Boy Records), a rarity and the title all the more fitting.

8 Ball and MJG are rap giants and if the South were it’s own country, they would be national treasures. For starters, they were the first rap act from Memphis to go platinum and one of the first in the region to attain nationwide success. In their hometown of Memphis, TN, they have successfully accelerated the pace at which rap fans breathe, injecting their faces and trademark style into the veins of America’s heartland. The magnitude of their sound is so far reaching it has rocked the block in cities as far North as Brooklyn, NY and as far West as Compton, CA making artists like Mobb Deep and DJ Quick, Nelly and ... Read full biography
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Ridin' High
MJG, 8 Ball
Audio CD
[1 disc]
3/13/2007 Buy
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