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Ludacris - Skit Song Lyrics
Artist Ludacris
Album The Red Light District
Released December 7, 2004
Label Def Jam
Song Skit
Transcriber Elie Eshetu Lyrics Correct
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(phone ringing)

Hey man u might as well put that down
boy we in the way to cali
get something there real dozin

(Phone rings)

girl - Hello
Luda - wasup girl
girl - wasup baby I miss u
Luda - yea I know it
girl - so when u comin over here

her boyfriend - He who the fuck is that?
I aint playing that shit
girl - ohh damn I miss u
her boyfriend - give me this god damn phone
nigga who the fuck is this. ama og niga

Luda - sup nigga this is Luda
Her boyfriend - Luda who nigga
Luda - Luda
Her boyfriend - Luda Ludacris
Luda - Yeah nigga
Her boyfriend - Ohh snap Hey man how u know my girl man. Man I got all your albums man. Back for the first time man u know what I am saying I even got Incocnegro man. Oh man my bad baby get up of the floor you didn't tell me it was luda. Aint that a bitch my girl fuckin luda.

girl - Hello
luda - Yeah I'll call you back.
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