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Ludacris - Intro Song Lyrics
Artist Ludacris
Album The Red Light District
Released December 7, 2004
Label Def Jam
Song Intro
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Check me out look/
it goes love, hate, pleasure, and pain/
4 albums in the can and I'm still in the game/
(whattup) my last album they don't like me to tell this/ they veiwed it number one it sold more records than Elvis/ that's what they're tellin' me/ switch up your melody/ through with misdemenor they're tryin' to give rappers felonies/ so they can lock us up one at a time/ but true writers stay free in every one of their lines/ and if your not feelin' I'm the cream of the crop/ I'll knock rappers off your list till I get to the top/ still your looking at a man thats finacially stable/ only nigga getting checks come from four different labels/ like pillsbury dough women poke my guts/ still I walk around the streets like I'm broke as fuck/ so if you see me in the town and I appeare to be moody/ it's cause I'm thinking bout plans thats bigger than Serena booty/ me and shocka still starven and we're looking for meals/ and (heads up)Ludacris is almost out of his deal/ over ten million sold every album is crack/ and for now I'm about to carry def jam on my back/ mad rappers I hear you way down at the bottom/ though I make big money still handle small problems/ the rambling at the mouth I don't play that shit/ I'm the best and I ain't really gotta say that shit
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