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Ludacris - Pimp Council Song Lyrics
Artist Ludacris
Album Golden Grain
Released September 17, 2002
Label Universal
Song Pimp Council
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(feat. Too $hort)

[Too $hort]
All rise...order in the court
The honourable judge muthafuckin' Too $hort
presidin' over Superior Players Court
The first case is the State vs. Fate Wilson A.K.A. Baby Flex
You bein' charged wit home invasion and hoe slaughter
For fuckin' another nigga's bitch

[Lil' Fate]
Listen close to what I say
Dog, it might hurt ya
I be cuttin' ya girl while you be goin' to work bruh
When she first called my conscience was like, 'Hell naw, Fate don't'
But she said, 'I'm only around the corner', and popped her lil' punt
Apartment 5-7-0-1, told her I was eatin' right now
Be over there when I get done
Got there, knocked on the door
She opened up the door half naked, lookin' exquisite
Ackin' mad 'cuz I ain't spoke to her since the last time a nigga hit it
She said, 'Don't worry forget it since we only have 30 minutes'
'Fore her man came home for lunch
So I bust my nut and raised up wit
Five mnutes to spare, her man unaware
I saw him in traffic, beeped the horn and threw a deuce in the air
Yea I'm a playa
But I feel guilty 'bout cuttin' a broad
I need counselin' dog, 'cuz it's guilty as charged
Simply because I felt victim to lust and
Knowin' all the while it was my cousin girlfriend I had been fuckin' (Damn!)

[Too $hort]
The court finds you guitly as charged
Your sentence is PUI school
For pimpin' under the influence, nigga
Next case...
Oh we got us a repeat offender in the house
Jenny Jones A.K.A. Shanwnna
Same ol' charge...wanted in 8 states
What's yo story this time

Oh yes yo' honor I see we talkin' again
I have no representation now shall we begin
I know you seen my face before but...hold on my friend
It's niggas gettin' away wit doin' the...same shit I did
I...can't do no bid
I got a mortgage and my kids
In a forest by the bridge
And I drives a Rolls Royce in a porridge wit dem grills
So you undertand I was tryna pay me some bills
When I was flippin' outta state while I was takin' a chill
Shootin' deem and a couple friends, spend a couple ends
Took the top off of the drop and let the bubble spin
Niggas got off in my knot and let them troubles in
So I decided to put that shit in my own hands
None of these hoes can fuck me, only God judge me
That man told me he love me and he flash money
My only crime could just be livin' it filthy
So let me hear it on mo' time--not guilty

[Too $hort]
Bailiff, take her into custody

[Woman screaming]
Oh, not my baby!
Hell naw!

[Too $hort]
Next case...
State vs. Velvet Jones A.K.A. Ludacris
You bein' charged wit impeedin' how traffic
Spendin' too much time tryna fuck one hoe
How do you plead Mr. Jones

Man I'm the pimp of all pimps and y'all comin' up short

[Too $hort]
Calm down before I hold yo ass contempt of court

Ya honor, just be cool, let me approach that bench
And sprinkle seasonin' on yo ears 'bout how I choked that beeyotch!

[Too $hort]
Well did she promise you the pussy, mayn

She ceratinly did
I got empty McDonald's cups in my car and my crib
She owe me sumthin', bitch betta show me sumthin'
Wrap her legs around my waist and start to throw me sumthin'
I'm simply the meanest, you lookin' at the stroke of a genius
The only verdict made should be the subpoena uh this penis
No objections or appeals, let's cut us a deal
And I promise to tell the truth if my partner don't squeal
She's awfully cautious, said the jury makes her nautious
She said she said she'd suck my dick if I dropped the charges
Oh no! Time to make ya kidneys shift

[Too $hort]
But didn't you fuck her best friend

Oh, I plead the fifth

[Too $hort talking]
Yea, that sound like some shit you'll say
Ol' pimp ass nigga
Due to lack of evidence, I'm droppin' the charges
Don't let me see you in here again
Let this be a lesson learned
If you don't know you player rules
You liable to violate the game and get sent away for a long, long
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