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Ludacris - Growing Pains (Do It Again) (Remix) Song Lyrics
Artist Ludacris
Album Golden Grain
Released September 17, 2002
Label Universal
Song Growing Pains (Do It Again) (Remix)
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(feat. Keon Bryce, Scarface)

Do it again . .
Do it a . .
Let's do it again . .
Do it a . .

[Verse: Fate Wilson]
(let's do it again)
Okay, I remember the days (let's do it again)
High rights, low lefts, even stevens and fades (do it a)
Troops, Lottos, and BK's, those was the days (let's do it again)
High tech boots spray painted witcha names (do it a)
T-shirts airbrushed that read the same (let's do it again)
Thick herringbone chain, one gold with yo' initial (do it a)
Harry's Photos, group shots, can you remember (let's do it again)
Barry him told his bitch go to the prom and die (do it a)
Didn't lie shot his-self in the head with the 4-5 (let's do it again)
When she disobeyed, had North Clayton crazed (do it a)
Just to reiterate dog those was the days (let's do it again)
Fore the invasions of haters, man crews from all around (do it a)
Used to get down at True Flavas, bumpin Kilo (let's do it again)
Rockin Damage, Cross Colour and Paco (do it a)
While playboys stepped in talent shows (let's do it again)
Prom night, tux and Kangol was so cool (do it a)
Fuck them new model cars we ridin' old school (old school)
(let's do it again)

[Verse: Shawnna]
It used to be all good when we played Double Dutch in the hood (do it a)
On the softball team I was swingin' that wood (let's do it again)
I remember eatin' Kool-Aid and sunflower seeds (do it a)
Jelly shoes, hair braided wit 1000 beads (let's do it again)
Mama sittin' on the porch till the lights come on (do it a)
And when I woke up in the mornin' and my bike was gone (let's do it again)
I was sick to my stomach, couldn't eat for days (do it a)
Sweepin' beauty shops, saving, making minimum wage (let's do it again)
Then I cop the 10-speed and got back on my feet (do it a)
A whole pack'a girls ridin' 20 deep in the street (let's do it again)
We playin' catch a boy, freak a boy, switchin' up the rules (do it a)
A summertime splash party get you in the pool (let's do it again)
Ladies if ya feel it - holla back cause you wit me (do it a)
Shout my nigga Keya, Tony Mack, Jalay, Nikki (let's do it again)
This for all them hood parkin' lots in every city (do it a)
Ludacris, Face, Lil' Fate, Shawnna you wit me (let's do it again)

[Chorus: Keon Bryce]
We were tryin so hard (do it a)
Hard to survive (let's do it again)
Cause even though we were young (do it a)
We had to stay strong (let's do it again)
No matter what we went through (do it a)
It was me and my crew (let's do it again)
And that's how it went (do it a)
When we were kids (let's do it again)

[Verse: Ludacris]
I had a Long John but no Silver, no gold or plat (do it a)
I was simply red from the years I been holdin' back (let's do it again)
With two sides to a book I lick stamps and light matches (do it a)
And set fires in garbage pales and cabbage patches (let's do it again)
A child of the corn been wild since I was born (do it a)
Climbin' over barbed wire, clothes got torn (let's do it again)
Shoes got muddy and my click turned cruddy (do it a)
Wherever I go they went they my buddies (let's do it again)
I brush teeth, brush naps and calm streets (do it a)
Dreamin' of Cadillacs, wood wheels and plush seats (let's do it again)
Cats with gold teeth and raps with such beats (do it a)
Macks with no grief and some sacks of green leaf (let's do it again)
When I loaded my cap gun I was ready for ac-tion! (do it a)
Starin' at beer cans and a moment to crack one (let's do it again)
Wanna hang with the big boys and play with the big toys (do it a)
And be with the people makin all that got damn noise, man (let's do it again)

[Verse: Scarface]
I remember, Swatch Watches, Izod, Berries (do it a)
Levi Denims, dried eyed jerry-curls (let's do it again)
Back when the girls wore striped chick jeans (do it a)
Straight leg Lee's on, sewn at the seams (let's do it again)
Borrowing dope paint was all good if ya head-bang (do it a)
Long as you was ridin, you ain't
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