Lil Romeo
Son of Master P
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One of the more curious entries into the early-2000s teen pop explosion, Lil' Romeo shot straight to the top of the Billboard charts with his first single at the unheard-of age of only 11. Alongside Lil' Bow Wow, Romeo proved that a substantial market existed for clean-cut preteen rappers with cute looks and PG-rated rhymes. Many of his biggest hits interpolated popular songs from the past in the grand tradition of the most unabashed pop-rap. Of course, the young rapper didn't break into the rap game alone. Just as Jermaine Dupri had masterminded Bow Wow's success, Romeo owed much to his father, notorious rap mogul Master P. Given his father's reputation as a savvy businessman, it was perhaps no surprise when a substantial buzz surrounded the youngster before his debut single, "My Baby," even hit the airwaves. When it did hit, it hit big, topping the Hot 100 chart. In a strange twist of fate, Romeo's success helped revive his father's career, which had soured. The two became ... Read full biography
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God's Gift
Lil Romeo
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