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Lil Haze is a man on a mission; determined to discover new lands and new civilizations in the vast world of hip-hop. Lyrically, conceptually and musically, he’s in another orbit hovering over earth waiting for his opportunity to make a dynamic landing that will forever change the landscape of hip-hop as we know it.

With the release of his debut CD, Doin da Most (Birmingham Records), the 22-year-old Birmingham native is determined to put the “Magic City” on hip-hop’s map and he’s vowed to do it without verbal misogyny or profanity. “I don’t really use profanity in my lyrics,” says Haze. “I’m trying to bring a whole new flavor.” The father of a young daughter, Haze stresses that his commitment to making vulgarity-free music has nothing to do with recent movements to clean up hip-hop. “Now that it’s all coming to the light I’m comfortable with it but it’s always been in me to be that way,” he says.

And so far it looks like earthlings are getting his message loud and ... Read full biography
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