People typically don’t look to teen rappers to be innovative and to push the genre forward. LAX -- the Los Angeles-based trio of Spank B, Poke and Zay Zay -- is about to change that.
“We’re not coming out like most other teen rappers,” Spank B says. “The way we spit, there’s different elements in there to where the older people are going to feel us and the younger people are going to feel us. It’s good that we’re young now, because we are the future and we’re sparking the brains of the youth.”

Spank B (brother of Poke and cousin of Zay Zay) represents for the streets with sharp punch lines and clever metaphors. The confident Zay Zay represents for the ladies and Poke brings the best of all worlds to his artistry. Spank, the group’s most vocal member, is extremely personable, while Zay Zay’s charm is evident upon first glance. As is the case with his music, Poke combines Spank’s spunk with Zay’s savvy. As a unit, LAX draws from such disparate influences as The Notorious ... Read full biography
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