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She feels Sonoran and acts Sonoran, because this northern Mexican state is her mother's birthplace, which is precisely why she decided that she'd better write and sing in Spanish, even though she’s a bilingual native of Granada Hills, in the San Fernando Valley. She has now come out with her debut cd, named after the singer herself, Kuky.

All twelve songs on this album have been written and sung by Kuky, a young, attractive, easy-going woman with a soaring voice that draws you in, and is occasionally accompanied by her producers, the Akwid brothers Sergio and Francisco Gómez, on two songs of their first non-Akwid album.

This CD from Machete Music/Universal Music Group actually contains two additional versions of these songs that manage to pack R&B, international pop melodies, a sprinkling of hip-hop and even some mariachi fusions into a very personalized and alternative sound, bringing the grand total up to an immensely moving 14 cuts.

The first single, “Ya ... Read full biography
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