Kinto Sol
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As young Mexican immigrants in the United States, the three García brothers, born in Iramuco, Guanajuato, boast some very deep cultural roots yet they grew up surrounded by the musical influences of Milwaukee, Wisconsin and Chicago, where they now reside.

The forces that shaped the character and musical preferences of Manuel “Skribe,” Javier “DJ Playback” and Eduardo “El Chivo” Garcia, speak of emotion and deep Mexican pride that come through in their hip-hop-based lyrics and have resulted in an original and powerful sound for young fans. Their passion has kept them going for more than 12 years in their musical career, enabling them to earn a reputation in the streets, first as DJs spinning tunes, and later composing their own lyrics and music.

KINTO SOL made a name for themselves with their first production “Del Norte al Sur,” which was noted for their remarkable lyrics of protest. Then they conquered more fans with their second album, “Hecho en México,” which ... Read full biography
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Los Hijos Del Maiz
Kinto Sol
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