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Killa Klump is poised for a takeover with his new album FOUNDATION, and continuing the Rah Muzic movement of the Super-Hyphy sound that has become the Bay area’s new signature sound.

Klump, born Noah Kerrien, is not new to the game, his father David wrote and worked with people like Michael Jackson in the early 80’s. Klump was born with music in his soul. He started out in talent shows in the 2nd grade singing and developed a love for music. “This was in me before I was even born….my dad is a musician, my grandmother use to sing at functions and it is what it is, it’s in my blood”.

Growing up, Klump was surrounded by addictions and a dad that was always on the road and working; all that comes with the life in the music industry, which he has grown to love. Klump says in his rhymes, “Moms and pops fallen apart liquor was heavy, brother in and out of jail, beef handled alone, pops drunk I guess I learned to be a man on my on”, but he knows and says “that’s what makes ... Read full biography
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