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Raised in Nashville, Tennessee, KeAnthony was exposed to a rich variety of music. At age five, he joined his family’s nine-member gospel ensemble, The Gospel True Notes, solidifying a dream for a future in music.

In fifth grade, KeAnthony made a friend that would influence his life in a way he never imagined. The two were inseparable. Childhood innocence would soon melt away, and as teens, they found themselves engaging in a life on the streets. When faced with the possibility of an aggravated robbery charge, his best friend turned KeAnthony in to the police, leading him to live the next eight years of his life behind bars.

Now with a lifetime of experiences behind him, KeAnthony is ready to share his story, A Hustla’z Story. This album is a self-written lyrical lullaby tenderly narrated with the strength of KeAnthony’s character. "It's all reality to me,” he states. “I can't sit down and write 'I love you' and not mean it. I write songs that deal with love and ... Read full biography
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I Ain't Tryna
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