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Before music was all about overnight pop stars and monster-selling albums, there was an unwritten rule in the record business that true artistry takes time to cultivate. You pay your dues, hone your craft, and weather the inevitable storms. Such was the formula for career longevity. Nowadays, real artist development seems virtually extinct, but there are some new-school purists – like singer/songwriter JOHNTA AUSTIN – who are reverting back to the industry's original mantra: just make good music.

For nearly a decade, 24-year-old Johnta Austin has been doing just that. An accomplished songwriter, Austin is the pen behind such hits as Toni Braxton's "Just Be A Man (About It)" (2000), Aaliyah's "Miss You (I Miss You)" (2002) and Mariah Carey's smash "We Belong Together" (2005). But it was the tender ballad "Sweet Lady" (1998), recorded by R&B belter Tyrese and written by Austin at the tender age of sixteen that prominently introduced the young scribe to the music world. ... Read full biography
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