In today’s ever changing world of hip hop culture, words may read one way in the dictionary, and have a completely different connotation when being used in various urban circles. The word “grind” can be defined by the Merriam Webster dictionary as “to reduce to powder or small fragments by friction.”

But in the streets, grinding is working hard to achieve a goal, thus making it a perfect word to be personified by 22-year old production prodigy J.A. His multifaceted imprint, 24 Hour Grind, is becoming one of the most highly sought after franchises, due to his futuristic production, successful mixtape series aptly titled “On the Grind”, (on which he has featured many major artists), and most importantly his “grind.”

Raised from his youth in the gritty NE/NW Metropolitan D.C. area, he has also lived in Chicago, New York and Atlanta. His nomadic relocation can be heard in his tracks as he produces with a widely universal sound. After watching his brothers take up ... Read full biography
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