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"There is only one significant female reggaeton rapper, Ivy Queen” – New York Times

For more than a decade, she has reigned as the woman who forged an entire genre, enriched the soundscape of Latin music and launched a musical movement to international success. Now, Her Majesty the diva, Ivy Queen, is back – with Sentimiento under the Univision Music Group label.

This extraordinary release of 12 new songs shares thoughts that reflect the emotions of a passionate heart. The first cut, “Que Lloren,” was written by Ivy Queen herself.

Reggaeton was born in the streets, a tantalizing blend of hip hop, rap and reggae, and first made a splash on the music scene in the nightclubs of Puerto Rico, permeated with the hopes and dreams of all those who aspire to more. Born as Martha Ivelisse Pesante on March 4, 1972 in the Puerto Rican town of Añasco, and educated in New York, Ivy Queen succeeded in capturing the sentiment of oppressed youths struggling to make it, via ... Read full biography
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Ivy Queen
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