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Ice Cube - Steady Mobbin' Song Lyrics
Artist Ice Cube
Album Greatest Hits
Released December 4, 2001
Label Priority Records
Song Steady Mobbin'
Transcriber The Enemy Lyrics Correct
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we use pot for pain/ futility
wit' no pot to piss, no ability to pay tha minimum utilities
penalties of a menace on a hustle
you wonder why ex-cons always rushing?
that's cauz we only have a minute to accomplish something/ b-4 we be wanted or punished
they don't want us wit' money
our attitude depends on tha moment
our lifes attitude, "live for tha moment"
we die cauz it's not a thing called a careful rebel
can't be fearful of metal in yo' melon
i live where men dealt wit money, power an violence in posses's/ women dealt wit money sex and gossip
so men deal wit men an kept women at a distance, when dealing bizniz/ cauz violence and gossip don't mix
rooms cold, s'pose to be groomed for a cold dude
smoke good witta dude, close to you, he smoke you!!
u say quittin'is common sense but common sense is not
common/ we only listen to Pac now and -then
listen to shots now, and-then
listen to sobs now and then, shifting cops now and-then
listen to rats tell now on-them
picture the so-call go-hard embrace them, it's a epidemic/Enemy is like nobody
i'm the enemy,nobodys like me
so in the process nobody like me live to 30
unless he did a bid for murda, or murdered
git hit wit the silver, it's no jobs
once you hit 30 you either re-cede, no mom i'll go ball
on di route to gettin' paper since my paper route
stacked a different type a paper so i put them papers down/ besides i'm a man,i'll look you in the eye
a sucka always look side to side so I
steady mobbin'

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