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Time has come today for Gym Class Heroes. Rightly recognized as true pioneers of live hip-hop, the Geneva, NY-based band has won popular and critical acclaim for kicking out genre-busting jams that seamlessly meld rap, rock, R&B, and anything else that happens to strike the musically voracious outfit’s fancy. Now, with their new Decaydance/Fueled By Ramen release, “AS CRUEL AS SCHOOL CHILDREN,” Gym Class Heroes have stepped up their game on every level. Produced by S*A*M (aka Sam Hollander, hailed for his collaborations with Method Man, the Sounds, and Earth, Wind & Fire) and Sluggo (the alter-ego of renowned session bassist Dave Katz, known for his work with Roger Daltrey), with co-production from the band’s close mate, Patrick Stump of Fall Out Boy, songs like the witty MySpace anthem, “New Friend Request,” explode out of the speakers with a rollicking sonic irreverence ideally suited for the hazy days and hot nights of summer.

“It’s just a complete full-on summertime ... Read full biography
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As Cruel as School Children
Gym Class Heroes
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