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Before Governor there was none. The streetwise southern gentleman who constantly refers to himself as "country boy" is indubitably in a lane that is all his. A lane muscularly paved by his silver tenacity, golden delivery and platinum faculty. There was absolutely no way that Governor wouldn't make it; it was just a matter of time. Brace yourself, the time is now.

Governor's self-titled debut for Atlantic Records sublimely blasts off with the poignant "Ghetto For U." From the beginning, it becomes steadfastly apparent that this blessed son of Virginia isn't here to play hop-scotch; he means business. Just the way he rides The Trackmasters' well-manipulated sample (last heard on Edo G's "I Gotta Have It") would have your dear spine reaching out for multiple blankets. But it's not only the execution that deserves enthusiastic applause, it's also the dexterous way he packs in the verbosity of his lyrics without spilling past his boundaries. Country boy's a threat. ... Read full biography
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