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Eminem - Ken Kaniff (Skit) Song Lyrics
Artist Eminem
Album The Marshall Mathers LP
Released May 23, 2000
Label Interscope Records
Song Ken Kaniff (Skit)
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Uuuhoh, yeah

Oh, suck it
Oh, f*ck yu
Oh, Shagy
Oh, this is why they call you two dope ain't it
Oh, f*ck yu
Oh, take it out, take it out!
Oh, now give something to Jay

Oh, violent Jay

Wait don't bite it

Don't be violent with it

now just suck it

nice and slow, yeah

oh oh f*ck yu

you got oh

now give it back to Shagy

he was sucking it better

Oh, now say my name

Eminem, say my name, Eminem


Ohh f*ck you guys

Gi-give me my dick back

f*ck you guys

If you want Eminem you can Have Eminem

f*ck you guys (Ken) I'm on leaving (no)

(Kenn wait, oh damn)

(Nice going Shagy)
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