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Eminem - Battle Song Lyrics
Artist Eminem
Album 8 Mile
Released October 29, 2002
Label Interscope Records
Song Battle
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I speak in Ebonics, Ismoke da Chronics, I aint illiterate, I don't need
Hooked on Fonics, my rhymes are deep, i make em up in my sleep,
well im countin white sheep wit lil Bo Peep, just watch em leap ova the
fence, they so dence, just keep jumpin, just keep pumpin tha thoughts
inta my head, write em down in lead on a piece of paper, there aint no
rhymes that are greater then mine, I write em one line at a time, they
gotta shine, gotta stick out, yo whatchu say bout me, I'll battle u it'll be
so e-z, I so good i could take out D-O doubble G, be like battlein a lady,
don't get a affended i aint Shady, Nah im just playin baby, don't get all
crazy on me. lets go smoke a tree, I cant see, dis smoke is blindin, i be
grindin dis weed, its so tight, hey yo you gotta light, bitch lets fight, yeah
i am white, so what your moms a slut, dont shut me down, i aint no clown,
just cause i got the hair dosent mean i dont care, bitch be fair, i be fuckin
Sonny and Shere, bitch there we go, that wasn't so hard, man why you be
actin like a fuckin retard, Pardon me, whatchu say, fuck you i already no your
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