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Dr. Dre - Next Episode Song Lyrics
Artist Dr. Dre
Album 2001
Released November 16, 1999
Label Interscope Records
Song Next Episode
Transcriber tyler Lyrics Correct
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[Snoop Dogg]
Da da da da da it's the motha' fuckin' D-O-G-G! SNOOP DOGG! Da da da da da you know im rockin with the D.R.E!

Yeah yeah yeah, you know whose back up in this motha fucka??!?!?!? (What, what, what, what?)

So blaze the weed out their, blaze that shit up nigga! Yeah what up snoop?

[Snoop]verse 1
Top dogg by the mall nigga burn that shit up, DPGC my nigga turn that shit up, CPTLBC yeah we hookin back up, and when they bang us in the club baby you gotta get up, thug nigga's, drug dealas, yeah they givin it up low life yo life boi we livin it up, takin chances while we dancing in the party fo show, i slipped my hoe a 44 when she got in the back door, bitches lookin at me strange but you know i dont care, step up in this motha fucka just a swing in my hair, bitch quit talkin quit walkin get down with the set, take a bullet with some dick, take a smoke on this jam, out of town put it down for the fatha of rap, and if your ass get crack bitch shut your trap.

[DRE]verse 2
Da da da da da it's the motha fuckin D-R-E. Dr. Dre motha fucka! Da da da da da.

You know im rockin with the D-O-G-G, Straight off the fuckin streets of CPT, king of the beats you brought to you and you fleet (what), to be rollin on dubs (how you feel?) whoopdi whoop nigga what? dre and snoop chronic down in the la la la with doc in the back sippin on yach , clip and the strap dippin through hoods (what hoods?) Compton, Long Beach, INGLEWOOD! South central ill be on the west side!(west side) it's california love, it's california bud got a nigga ganga pa, i mow on the might in the century club with my jeans on and my teens strong get my drink on and my smoke on and go home with something to poke on (what's up dre?) Look is on for the 2-0-0-0! Here come the real episode.

Hold up,
heeeeey, all my nigga's we be thinkin we saw,
we gone stay, we gonna rock it till the wheels fall off,

hold up,
heeeeey, all my nigga's who be actin too bold, take a saaaay hope you ready for the next episode!

smoke weed everyday
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