Daz Dillinger
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Daz Dillinger - It's Dat Gangsta Sh** Song Lyrics
Artist Daz Dillinger
Album Dpgc: U Know What I'm Throwin Up
Released July 1, 2003
Label Gangsta Advisory
Song It's Dat Gangsta Sh**
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(Daz chorus)
You can't tell me shit
Get pistol-whipped
Fuck what you say
It's dat gangsta shit
We the gangsta clique
Kickin' gangsta shit
Fuck what you say
Get pistol-whipped

Put yo' kacky's and yo' blue rags and yo' Chucks on
It's dat nigga Daz
We rolling in that black roam
Rolling, just gettin' dogged
Just like a pact hell nigga
Cause I got to roam
Holdin' my own
Step the wrong way
You get blown
Chuck-pow nigga you gone
Look out, stormed out, bombed out
With the niggaz we run my neighbourhood
We major powered
On this paper-route, street grindin'
Blindin' yall niggaz when we thug it out
Whip it out, dip it out, shiftin' it all out
Nigga we outta here
We stone-cold fools
Butter cream, supreme team with billion dollar dreams
With trillion dollar sceems
With infa-blue beam
Stickin 'n whippin' niggaz just for cream
See I'm a Doggpound mobsta, boogie monsta, stash stompa
Dat nigga Daz always into something
Here you go
You hear my bass pompin', thumpin'
Like N.W.A "I'm into something"
Ha ha see
The boys in the hood is way too hard
21st and ??? niggaz on the boulevaaard

(Daz chorus)
You can't tell me shit
Get pistol-whipped
Fuck what you say
It's dat gangsta shit
We the gangsta clique
Kickin' gangsta shit
Fuck what you say
Get pistol-whipped

This gangbangin don't stop it
Before you know it I be up on the top
Ballin' way out of control wether you like me or not
I'm silky-smooth with the gangsta crew
If I make you move
Don't give a fuck what you say
That's just my attitude
On the west
Bitches don't play that shit, nigga
Bounce got a ounce, nigga
Blaze that shit
Ooh shit
Bitches wanna play me for a fool
So I, act a fool
I'm to hot to keep cool
They wanna know where I got it
Don't worry 'bout shit
Just know I'm 'bout that 'bout-it
If a bitch blow up in this game
Don't doubt it
Eleminatin' bitch-niggaz cuz the game's too crowded
If you see me blast off like a heatseaker hummin'
If the earth started to shake
You know I'm comin'
Runnin' shit like it's supposed to be
I'm takin' off on any trick
Tryin' get close to me

(Snoop Dogg)
It's the mythological, chronical, diabolical, psychological
Make a model ho fuck a G
Polish shit, demolish shit turn you all into followers
Shade tree niggaz in the game
I loose 'em like follicles
Put back hoes 'n pathacoe
??? into articles read-by prodicles
And I heard that I shot a few
But that's what you gotta do
When you livin' so radical
From me to you my nigga
Never yap without your gat fool
We don't play
We fuckin' 'em up errr-day
That's why you got airrred-away
I guess you got airred-away
But it's alright, it's ok
Cuz we gon play errr-day
I cut you like a DJ
Cut so fresh
Better yet I put a slug in your chest
Yep, and then I blind you, bleed you, guide you 'n mislead you
Take you, strip you, rape you, then proceed to
Put yo' ass up under the dirt
No more pain and no more hurt
I jerk that jerk up out of his skirt
Snoop Dogg stay puttin' in work

(Crystal 4x)
run up and get dropped
stop and get popped
me and my niggaz we don't stop, won't stop

(Daz chorus)
you can't tell me shit
get pistol-whipped
fuck what you say
it's dat gangsta shit
we the gangsta clique
kickin' gangsta shit
fuck what you say
get pistol-whipped
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