Daz Dillinger
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T.I. - Only for U Song Lyrics
Artist Daz Dillinger
Album Retaliation Revenge & Get Back
Released May 22, 2001
Label Death Row
Song Only for U
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You know what I'm saying?
I wish I had her back, you know what I'm saying?
But it's all good baby, you lose some, you gain some
But I don't wanna gain no more, you know what I'm saying?
I'm chilling right now, you know what I'm saying?
Shh... damn

Lady "V":
There are some times, when I am bad
Then there are times, when I am glad
Then there are times, when I am down
Through all these times, you've been around

For the time is now, that I finally see, what your love really means
Never again, will I ever be the same
Seasons change, feelings change too, but it don't mean I change for you

Only for you
Only for you
Only for you I do what I do

Only for you
That's why I'll do the things I do
Only for you

I met a woman plus a lady that was sweet and unique
She was no trick or no tramp, she was no freak of the street
I was amazed, looks and attitude, I spoke of gratitude
She wasn't stuck up and rude, and we became cool
From then on we learnt as friends, as lovers
You could be my girl, I'd be your man just forever
Baby was butter, the bomb shit, tight shit on
I was the king of the castle, she was the queen on my throne
Stoned and bombed out, 24-7 all day
If you can handle it baby to come around my way
I get the digits, I'll give you a call later on
Your answering machine, come on, I leave a message on your phone
I'll ring you later, I hope you'll get the message, baby page me
As the days go by, I hope that you can be my lady
Am I crazy for pursuing the woman that's bad
In my heart I feel lonely and sad, and it's only for you


When we make love, every moment is felt, we get it on
Like Marvin Gaye, I'm digging deep and beyond
Until the break of dawn I treat you like you wanna be, good
I'll pick you up in five seconds, I'll be there in your hood
Get it girl, let me see me cold rock your world
You got no time for the games, I feel the same baby girl
Your homies and homegirls probably went playa hating
But it's all cool, I'll keep the real from the fake
You'll be eating lobsters and steak, shrimps as big as the plate
We're in the gangsta paradise, coke and weed me all night
So make the greatest moments happen when it's me and you alone
Take the receiver of the telephone, you ain't home, huh
It ain't no problems, ain't no big fall out
No (???) on this relationship, so figure it out


Big Pimpin:
She comes on like my girl goes
No (???) looking welfare, and mentally half here
Travelling in directions which haven't been traveled by a woman before
She's a bad woman, bad meaning beautiful, wonderful and good
She dances to her heritage to shake herself free
She inspires us, the chains break
And wipes the sweat from her independent dignity with grace
She is a bad woman, bad meaning beautiful, wonderful and good
They say that the queen of (???) was bad,
but then I look up at you, and I say "well, what about you? you're a bad
woman too"
They say that men would drink out of Marilyn Monroe's toast
As well as if she was an (???),
But not as beautiful as we thought she was
Because she was a bad woman too, bad meaning beautiful, wonderful and good
Yeah you're a bad woman, meaning beautiful, wonderful and good


Only for you I'll do the things that I do

Yeah baby, love Daz forever. Beeeitch!!

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