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Heads are nodding in the control room of DJ Music Studios in Atlanta, GA where Daron Jones, one of the members of multi-platinum pop/R&B group, 112, is leaning over the studio console turning the fader down on “I Should Have Cheated,” a song he produced for Keyshia Cole’s debut release, The Way It Is. She listens intently as her voice is layered against the keyboard loop and smiles. Daron gives her a knowing look, the same one that Biggie gave R. Kelly after hearing the track that would become, “F**king You Tonight,” another Daron Jones production. As their eyes connect, Daron remembers that same feeling he got after producing and co-writing “Cupid,” from 112’s self-titled debut which would launch their career on Bad Boy Records.

After several Grammy, MTV, Billboard, BET, Soul Train Awards, American Music Award nomination, over 7 million albums sold domestically, and 15 million worldwide, of course, he should know a hit when he hears one. Musically, 112 has carved a ... Read full biography
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