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Raymond Ayala (Daddy Yankee) was raised in Villa Kennedy, a public housing project in the capital of San Juan, Puerto Rico. At a very young age Raymond wanted to be a baseball player and everyone agreed that he was well on his way to the major leagues. However, one summer night the 17-year-old was involved in an accident that permanently damaged his leg. Ever since that event over a decade ago Daddy Yankee has dedicated his life to his true passion, creating music.

Daddy Yankee produced his first recording coached by the talented hands of DJ Playero, one of the pioneers of Reggaetón (a musical genre born in Puerto Rico during the early ‘90s from the fusion between classic Salsa, the traditional Puerto Rican Bomba, and the urban rhythm of Hip Hop.). Audiences immediately fell in love with Yankee’s lyrical ability and creative style. Soon, he was crowned “The king of improvisation”. His vibrant energy has created a musical sensation that has crossed language and cultural boundaries to make Reggaetón an accepted musical genre among all kinds of people around the world.

Yankee’s carefully crafted lyrics and free-style ability to interpret his musical compositions have allowed the King of Improvisation to share his views and reach the masses in a consistently successful way. From love themes to socially-saturated comments on the everyday Puerto Rican culture, his songs have remained solid hits in the club scene and are considered Reggaetón classics.

With the unyielding support of his fans and his personal desire to share his vision with upcoming artists, Yankee became the founder and lead producer of Los Cangri’s Inc. and El Cartel Records. Yankee’s intense drive and meteoric rise within the music community have allowed him to collaborate with artists such as NAS (they recorded The Prophecy together), amog others. In 2002, Multiple Grammy award winner Olga Tañón invited Daddy Yankee to perform alongside her during a concert at the Luis A. Ferré Performing Arts Center in Santurce, Puerto Rico. With his energy, enthusiasm and dedication to his career, Yankee has recorded over 130 tracks in as many as 70 feature Reggaetón albums.

Without a doubt, his solid record sales confirm his success and popularity within Latin Music. All of his albums, “El Cartel de Yankee,” “El Cartel de Yankee II,” “El” and “Los Home-runes,” have received platinum status. His latest release titled “Barrio Fino” is his most complete offering to date and has remained the highest selling Latin music album for the past year. The album earned its place in history by selling over one million copies World Wide and reached the top of the Billboard Top Latin Album Charts; Thus cementing his position at the forefront of the Reggaetón genre.

This was a landmark year in Daddy Yankee’s career. Shortly after his album Los Home-Runes achieved record-breaking sales, his life-long dreams came true when he performed before a full house at Puerto Rico’s Roberto Clemente Coliseum. On that memorable night more than 12,000 fans went wild as they danced along to his music. The press acclaimed Yankee’s ability to bring the house down with his outstanding musical talent and energetic stage performance. The show titled Ahora Le Toca Al Cangri quickly became Yankee’s most transcendental moment to date in, placing him at the forefront of the Reggaetón music scene.

In July of 2004 Yankee successfully launched Barrio Fino; the most anticipated album in the history of Reggaetón music.

Being a loyal Salsa fan since childhood, he used this production as an opportunity to collaborate with one of Puerto Rico’s legendary Salsa’s singers, Andy Montañez. Together they recorded the duet Melao. Barrio Fino is by far his most complete production to date. The album was not only an opportunity to make history within the Reggaetón scene, but it also became a vehicle for the introduction of the genre to other music markets including the highly competiti
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