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DMX - Ruff Ryders Anthem Song Lyrics
Artist DMX
Album It's Dark and Hell Is Hot
Released May 19, 1998
Label Def Jam
Song Ruff Ryders Anthem
Transcriber dog 4 life Lyrics Correct
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Niggas wonna try
niggas wonna lie
then niggas wonder why niggas wonna die
all i know if pain all i feel is rain
how can i maintain with mad shit on my brain
i resort to violence my niggas move in silence
like you don't know what our stile is
new york niggz the wildest
my niggaz is with it you wan't it come and get it
tuck it then we split it you fucking right we did it
what the fuck you gonna do when we run up on you
fucking with the wrong crow don't know what we goin trough i'm a have to show niggas how easly we blow niggas when you find out there's more niggas that'z running with your niggas nothing we cant handel brack it up and dismantel light it up like a candel just cuz i can't stand you put my shit on tapes like you bussin grabes thinck you holding waight then you havent met the appes

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Is yo nigga crazy I bass you and be Swazy stop acting like a baby mind yo buisnise lady nossy people get it to when you see me spit at you yeah i'm trying to get rid of you yeah I know it's pitifull that'z how niggaz get down watch my niggas spit round make ya niggas kiss ground just for talking shit clown ohh you thinck it funny then you don't know me money it's about to get ugly fuck it dog i'm hungry i guess you know what that means come up off that green 5 niggas or a friend don't make it a murder scean give a dog a bone leave a dog alone let a dog rome and he'll find his way home home of the brave my home is a cage and yo i'm a slave till me home is a grave it's all bout the papers bitches talking paper and now the wonna rape up

Chores X2

look what you dun started ask for it you got it had it should have shoot it now you dearly deported get at me dog did i rip shit with this one here i kicks shit niggas know when i fleep shit it's gonna be some slick shit what was that for when i walked in the door ohh you trying to be raw but now you on the floor wishin you never saw me walk in that dor with that 44 now it's time for bed 2 mre to the head yeah that nigga'z dead unother unsolved mistory it's going donw in history niggas ain't never did shit to me bitch ass niggas cant get to me gos't to make a move got a point to prove got to make em groove got em all like wooh so to the next time you hear this nigga ryme try to keep yo mind on gettin pussy and crime

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