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The GoodFella has stepped into the music world with his own Swagga. Born in Monroe, LA and raised in D.C. GoodFella grew up in the inner city listening to rhythm and blues, and the early pioneers of hip-hop to cope with the struggles of hood life. It wasn't until he saw his father doing a jam session with his bank that GoodFella realized that is was his time to hit the crowds with his blend of go-go and hip-hop.

GoodFella got to work immediately and teamed up with DJ Ragz from San Diego and headlined his mixtapes introducing his credibility in the streets of D.C. as a rapper. Mr. Cheeks from the Lost Boys heard about GoodFella and had him jump on the production of "Can't Mess With Us." He had a single called "Hustler" in 2002 on 97.9 The Beat which had regional success. You can head GoodFella on the new DJ Big Bink Mixtape Vol. 2 "In MY Streets" with Universal Recording artist Gemeni. Now GoodFella can be heard weekly doing a radio drop for the Steve Harvey Morning ... Read full biography
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