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One of hip-hop's most commanding and instantly recognizable voices, Chuck D has influenced an entire generation of fans and artists alike. Hailing from Long Island, he found fame as the frontman for Public Enemy, a group known for their revolutionary, pro-black/anti-government lyricism and groundbreaking production. Though often demonized by the media, PE's fiery rhymes and unique stage show (featuring their military-style dancers/bodyguards the S1W's) won them millions of fans across the globe. They released four classic albums between '1987 and '91, during the height of hip-hop's conscious and Afrocentic movement (acts like X-Clan, Brand Nubian, Paris, etc). Unfortunately, hip-hop's ever-changing musical climate, the rise of Gangsta Rap, and personal issues within the group all took their toll, and despite several more albums throughout the '90s (their latest Revolverlution dropped in 2002), PE lost their once majestic stature in the rap game. Chuck D has stayed very active however, working on a wide range of projects, including a solo album, Autobiography of Mistachuck, released in '96. He also fronts a hard rock band (Confrontation Camp), helps run two websites/online labels ( and, writes for various press outlets, and also hits the lecture circuit. In spite of PE's lack of recent commercial success, Chuck D remains one of hip-hop's most important, active, and well-respected figures. -- Rolling Stone
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