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You can hear things differently from the left side of the train tracks at 4 a.m. on a morning in Queens, New York. Your thoughts mix with the sounds of a city waking up, systems recharging, bread trucks and milk trucks and garbage trucks, tai chi in the china town projects; everything seems clearer at the break of day. Bisc1 finds that sound, the sound of your mind negotiating with the dawn.

At age 18, Bisc1 rolled over the Connecticut border into NYC and woke up to the gritty grind of urban turbulence. Steadily sneaking through the back streets into subway stations where the trains don’t run, he kept his ears to the ground and his eyes on the art. From his Basics EP, to his mixtape, The Stay Up Project and now When Electric Night Falls, Bisc1 has consistently captured the full dynamic dichotomy of our chaotic reality. He constructs precise, honest commentary with his narratives, his images, and his collaborations. Digging below the surface, capturing concepts is what Bisc1 ... Read full biography
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When Electric Night Falls
Audio CD
[1 disc]
3/11/2008 Buy
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