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They say real bad boys move in silence. Aasim is no exception to this rule. Already making waves through out New York’s underground circuit, Aasim has been quietly positioning himself to become a leader of rap’s new generation. And it’s about to pay off.

A product of Southside Jamaica, Queens, Aasim was poised to be among the hip-hop ruling class when he picked up a microphone at age 12. Influenced by Queens’ luminaries such as LL Cool J & Nas, as well as the late greats, Notorious B.I.G. and 2 Pac, Aasim’s style of rhyme is as complete as it comes in this day and age. Explicit with his words, yet aggressive in delivery, Aasim can get raw with the grittiest rappers in the streets, yet prolific enough to garner the respect of the hip-hop intellectual man.

While new to many, Aasim is no stranger to the rap game. He garnered a reputation as a prodigy when at the age of 17 he signed to Loud Records as part of the labels second wave of new school acts that included ... Read full biography
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