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Music is supposed to be fun. Singers should have fantastic voices and out-of-this world personalities (or vice-versa). The songs should make you dance -- even if you can't. Oh, and if the singers happen to be extraordinarily attractive and put on a vibrant stage show, well, that's just a bonus.

Most importantly, music should unite, not divide. It should bring out the best in people, no matter where it's played or who's behind it. The beats need to be Earth-shattering, and the songs life-changing.

With that in mind, meet A Girl Called Jane.

FUN FACT: Before you ask, there is no girl called Jane in the band A Girl Called Jane

"The name represents every woman," explains Angel, one of the three lovely and talented singers in AGCJ. "You know how they use the name 'Jane Doe' to talk about a woman? That's what it means."

"Our name reflects strong women," says Ness, another AGCJ-er. "Like the three of us in this band. We're from completely ... Read full biography
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