Wyclef Jean: Masquerade

Wyclef Jean
Label: Sony
Format: Audio CD [1 disc]
Release Date: 6/18/2002
Availability: Not currently available
Our Price: $9.98
Disc 1
Song Featured Artists Multimedia Lyrics
1. Message to the Streets
2. Peace God
3. PJ's (featuring Governor and Prolific)
4. 80 Bars
5. Masquerade (featuring M.O.P. Bumpy Knuckles and Miri)
6. 1-800-Henchman
7. You Say Keep It Gangsta (featuring Butch Cassidy and Sharissa)
8. Party Like I Party
9. Oh What a Night
10. Hot 93.1
11. Pussycat (featuring Tom Jones)
12. Midnight Lovers
13. Two Wrongs (featuring Claudette Ortiz)
14. Instant Request
15. Thug Like Me
16. Daddy
17. Knockin' on Heaven's Door
18. The Eulogy
19. War No More
20. The Mix Show
21. MVP Kompa (featuring Melky) (Bonus Track)
22. Ghetto Racine (PJ's Creole mix, featuring Ja Rah Rah) (Bonus Track)
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